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Installation of a nurse call system is the current trend in hospitals. We can easily see that it is very useful for monitoring patients to avoid the bad situation. However, there is a lot to learn about in order to install a professional nurse call system.

It's not too difficult to get a professional nurse call system, you just need to find an experienced design and implementation team who provides high quality nurse call products. However, this is also a big question for many of you when you are looking for a company that understands the work of a nurse call system.
To meet that need, Hai Hung today will advise you on how to choose the most professional nurse call system that will give you the knowledge in order to own the most professional nurse call system.


1. Select a specialized design and installation of nurse call system:

 Why should you care about this?It’simple and easy to understand. You need to choose a highly experienced team to give you the perfect solution for your hospital from the most professional engineers. Many hospitals today chose poor quality teams because they didn’t fully understand the installation of a nurse call system.Then they faced frequent errors and failures during the operation which required continuous repair, reduced work productivity of nurses and wasted time on repairing.
Understanding that, Hai Hung as a team specializing in consulting solutions to install the most professional nurse call system, always has the perfect solution for your hospital. Please contact Hai Hung for advice on installation solutions.

Hải Hưng lắp đặt hệ thống chuông báo gọi y tá

2. Find a supplier who provides high quality nurse call products:

Nowadays, there are many teams who provide nurse call products but you do not know if they are of high quality or imitation, poor qualitygoods which will require repairing and replacement after installation. Many customers have called to Hai Hung and asked for advice on how to choose the nurse call products of high quality.
We also would like to answer that there are so many imitation goods, so please use the nurse call products provided by Hai Hung to be assured of the quality. We are committed to the quality of our equipment, all of them meet the high quality standards and available at the lowest price in Vietnam market. Hai Hung supplies nurse call products of the following brands:

·         Commax brand nurse call products

·         Aiphonebrand nurse call products

·         Tycobrand nurse call products

·         Ackermannbrand nurse call products

If you have a need for a nurse call product, please contact us, or can refer to the following website:

sản phẩm báo gọi y tá Hải Hưng


3. Please pay attention to the cost of nurse call system:

Usually, it’s quite expensive to install a nurse call system, depending on the hospital, how many rooms, how many equipment and what brandto use. Therefore when you install this system, do not go cheap for cheap equipment is often of poor quality and counterfeit. We all do not like such equipment to be installed in our hospital, which can reduce the productivity and waste the time of nurses. And more seriously, it could cause the patient death when some problem occurs and they can not call the nurse.
So the solution that Hai Hung offers to you is that we are always working towards our customers, you can have a  peace of mind using our services. All of our products and services are the cheapest available in the market, accompanied by a high quality.
If you need advice on installation solutions as well as nurse call product, please call us for the best advice.

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