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Hai Hung Trading Services and Technology Co., Ltd is one of the companies which grow toward the orient of commerce, electronics and IT. Although the company was newly established in 2011, it has been pioneering in the field of audio equipment, security, visual and specialized information technology. Hai Hung has become a familiar brand and reliable partner of many domestic and international customers.

With 4 years of operation, our company has obtained a stable customer system stretching from North to South. Always taking the philosophy of "Prestige Creates Success" as the foundation, the company leaders understand that the trust of customers in price, quality and services is vital to our company. Therefore, all of the company’s business activities always aim to respect and ensure the interests of customers, conquering customers with the best quality products and services.

Hai Hung also provides the company staffs with a friendly, professional working environment and a stable, attractive job. The staffs who are currently working in the company all have strong expertise, responsibility for work, accompanied by creativity and enthusiasm.

Hai Hung places people at the forefront of its business development strategy. Therefore, the majority of company members have been working in the company since its day of foundation. The company also applies a variety of incentives to retain talents, invests in and develops staff team, highly appreciates the capacity and contribution of each member to the company, and reward them.

Hai Hung also builds and improves the working environment, creates a harmonious relationship between the company and its members as well as the relationship between staffs, andconnects all the people in the company, creates opportunities for people to understand and share with each other more and more.
Be courteous, friendly, polite when communicating with customers, maximizing customers’ benefits

Hai Hung has built a team of staffs with professional working style, punctuality, always being on time with customers and partners. We always continuously learn and innovate, willing to listen to feedbacks from customers and partners to promptly execute reasonable adjustments based on that information.

Hai Hung Trading Services and Technology Co., Ltd operates in these fields:
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Lighting
Especially our Company focuses on the activities of supplying systems as follows:
  • Conference, in hall and public audio system
  • Professional performance audio system
  • Presentation system
  • Electronic, building informatics systems (public announcement, CCTV, access control, etc.)
  • Information technology equipment system
  • Supply and installation of equipment for HD, 3D cinema rooms...
  • Designing overall solution (system design, LAN and WAN establishment etc.).
  • Providing informatics equipment
After a period of operation, our company has created the prestige and trust of our customers to help the company grow larger in its fields of operation.

Through a period of operation in the fields of informatics, professional audio and projection, Hai Hung has been trusted by many organizations, which is reflected in the projects that our company has participated, won the bid and implemented.
In addition to the projects, solutions, our company also has many equipment supplying contracts. Our company has relationships with thousands of customers and always creates trust for customers in our expertise, enthusiasm, caring attitude with after-sales warranty services.

With the desire to become one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises in distributing and supplying products and services on electronics - informatics - telecommunications, Hai Hung company commits:
With the motto:
  • The prestige creates success
  • Bring the best effect for customers, partners and society, attached with the benefits of the company.
  • Create advantages in competition with overall solutions, supplying a wide range of audio, video and computing equipment.
  • Continuously provide professional training for all employees to bring customers the trust in our expertise, thoroughness with the best after-sales warranty-maintenance services.
  • Improve quality and value of products and services through consultancy for customers in order to make the best choice and application.
With its capacity and prestige, Hai Hung Company is a sales agent for many reputable electronics, audio, informatics and projection companies in the world and currently being distribution agent for following brands: Audio brands: Bosch, Yamaha, Harman, Denon, Klipsch, HaiAudio, RCF, Jamo, Shure, TOA, ...

Security equipment brands: Bosch,Panasonic, AVTECH,AXIS...
Visual equipment brands: SONY, Panasonic, Viewsonic, Optoma ,BENQ, Barco .....