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Please choose Hai Hung for extra low voltage systeminstallation, because we have a team of highly experienced technicians and comprehensive solutions for every case. We always create the highest quality services and products to please our customers.

Installation of extra low voltage system - Hai Hung company specializes in design, implementation, installation ofextra low voltage system, alarm security system for civil and industrial projects.

Hai Hung provides solutions and installation of the following systems:

- Call Center System
- Computer Network System
- Security Monitoring System
- Public Audio System
- Access Control System
- Nurse Call System

In a construction, whether large or small scale, there are always two parts: construction and mechanical & electrical (M&E). This M&Epart consists of a number of interrelated systems that form a complete whole operation system for the construction. One of those important systems is the extra low voltage system.
The extra low voltage system, also known as the ELV, covers a not so large proportion (10-20% of the project value) but defines the quality level of the building. It is because the nature of extra low voltage systemis a combination of high-tech systems, which are constantly being developed and upgraded for the user's purpose and convenience.

Depending on the size, characteristisc and functions of the project, Hai Hung provides the following basic extra low voltagesystem solutions:
- Building Management System (BMS / BAS): Used in integration of the systems in a building to manage and monitor the status of technical systems and automate the building opertaion management.
- PABX system: Maintains communication link between the building and theoutside, includes PBX system and Telephones.
- Local data network (LAN, WAN) and backbone.
- CCTV system: Used in surveillance application or security monitoring for buildings.
- Public Address System (PA) and Early Warning System (EWIS): A public notification system that communicates messages and information as well as emergency notifications in the building. In addition, this system has the ability to play BGM (Background Music) in the buildings.
- Access Control system: Access control system for buildings, control of doors as well as elevators.
Hệ thống BMS
BMS system
- Fire Alarm system: Fire detection and warning system in the building. Sometimes this system is integrated with the Firemen Intercom system;
- Intrusion system: anti-theft system, anti-intrusion in the works
- Car Parking System: Intelligent car parking management system
- Intercom system: internal communication system, applied in condominiums, combines elevator and parkingmanagement. Hospitals often use a special type of intercom system called Nurse call system.
- Satellite, Cable and Internet TV (MATV, CATV, IPTV): The television system can use the signal directly from the broadcast station or via a television service provider with different HD standards. .
- Lighting Control System: Automates the monitoring & control of lighting system for buildings;
- AV (Audio video Visual) system: integrates images and sound in the conferences, presentation;
- Queue system: Usually applied in hospitals and banks

- Conference video system (Teleconferencing)
The solution for installing extra low voltage system
- Conference AudioSystem: Includes conference system, which can combine with interpretation in conference rooms and international convention centers.
- Master Clock system: A central clock system that synchronizes all the clocks as well as all the systems in a building from a precise time source, commonly used in sports centers, stadiums, airports, ports, hospitals, office buildings, schools ...
- MPDP System: Multiplexer Display System
- Traffic Surveillance Camera System: used to monitor the status at traffic intersections, the state of the traffic light system, speed control applications, or traffic violation cases.
- FIDS (Flight Information Display System): displays flight and metro information, applied at airports or subway stations;
- Intelligent Home System: A comprehensive range of solutions such as intelligent lighting system, security warning system, environment monitoring system, multimedia entertainment system and other utilities. This system will give homeowners comfort, safety and energy savings.
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