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•    Cooperation: Always promote the spirit of cooperation both internally and externally. The cooperation we want to target is a sincere, goodwill, and effective cooperation, bringing harmonious benefits to the stakeholders. It is through this type of cooperation that we build a strong organization, and at the same time create a high reputation and reliability in both internal and external relationships.
•    Constant improvement: There is no eternity in thinking, all initiatives are respected and contribute to the overall success.
•    Reliability: Protect the prestige as protecting your own honor; always prepare full performance capacity and make the best effort to ensure compliance with commitment.
•    For the cause of public health: always aim for and attach an importance on the quality enhancement for public health through the application of world’s advanced technologies to create and supply safe and reliable products of high nutritional value for partners, customers, consumers in Vietnam and international markets.
•    Efficiency: This is the most accurate measure for a company’s production, business, investment and social activities. All members should endeavor, dedicate themselves to the set goal, and offer solutions in every situation in the shortest time, with lowest cost and highest efficiency.