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Videoconferencing is now being applied in many different areas in the world. In Vietnam, as being a developing country, we are building quite traditional conference systems widely. Let's learn about video conferencing system together with Hai Hung.

Video Conferencing is a system of equipment (including hardware and software) that transmits video and audio between two or more remote locations connected via an Internet, WAN or LAN connection, to bring the audio and video signals of the meeting rooms together as if it was in the same meeting room. This device allows two or more locations to simultaneously communicate in two directions via video and audio transmission.

Video conferencing can be applied in the following areas:

+ Conferences, briefings, discussions about work of the teams which are geographically far apart;
+ Exchange of information and documents between the co-working teams;
+ Remote teaching and learning online (E-Learning)
+ Remote medical care: the patient can be examined, diagnosed or even operated indirectly by medical specialists from distant places.
+ The jobs and fields which require the exchange of other information, images, sounds in real time. With each field, video conferencing services are always the number one choice when the distance between the points of communication is quite far, not convenient for traveling to meet face to face for the discussion of work.
Video Conferencing System

Benefits of Video Conferencing for organizations:

   + Save time travelling
   + Save money
   + Conduct online meetings between different places
   + Quickly organize the meeting
   + Savecontent of thewhole meeting
   + Confidentiality security;
   + Stable quality of the conference;
   + High image and sound stability
   + The decisions and contents of the exchange are made timely and promptly



The video conferencing system is an electronic system (including hardware and software) that utilizes digital technology to code/decode audio and video in real time. The IP-based video conferencing solution with the support for multiple protocols (H.320, H.323, SIP, SCCP) enables the deployment of advanced video conferencing systems and at the same time still utilizes the currently available facilities.

Basic components:

Private meeting room:

For private meeting rooms, the meeting participants only need to beequipped with a computer which hasthe software installedto perform the function of end-terminal video conferencing. The end terminal equipment needs to be integrated or added with peripherals devices such as cameras, microphones,which allow meeting participants to attend point-to-point or multi-point meetings as hard endpoints in other public rooms. The components can be equipped as follows.
Software installed in PC (Optional WebCam, microphone, external monitor): The software can support point-to-point meetings, allowingconnectingthe meeting to up to 3 points without external MCU equipment. Or it can be a specialized device which has been installed with video conferencing application, with built-in camera and dedicated microphone.
Common meeting room:
For each point which joins the connection, the following components are required to participate in the meeting (These are also components to be equipped in the Point-to-Point meetings):
   + Camera - Image signal capture
   + Micro - Recording
   + Codec- Processing encoders received and transmitting audio and video signals through the transmission line
   + Display screen: Display the content of the meeting; far point’s image, image data to show.
   + Loudspeakers -Play sound signal of the meeting, near and far points.
   + Connect to share pictures - Use morePC to connect and share data to the meetings.
Mô hình hội nghị truyền hình phòng họp chung   
 Video conferencing model for common meeting room
Depending on the customer’s meeting room infrastructure, the number of audio and video equipment will be customized to meet the requirements of meeting room area and number of participants
Expanded components based on demand:
When customers wish to connect and expand the meeting attendance points and save meeting images and audio, they can add the following components:
    + Storage component –To save meeting content
    + MCU- Multipoint Connectivity: Used when customers want to connect multiple points in a concurrent meeting, supports many advanced features; allows you to initialize, end the meeting, customize display layout, set meeting schedules, monitor and manage meeting quality.
Mô hình kết nối đa điểm
Point-to-point connection model:

Connection line requirements:
   + Bandwidth requirements for all connection lines: the upload capacity must be equal to download capacity.
   + Located in a small/ large meeting room in the same building where MCU equipment is placed, so that it’s possible to operate through the LAN connected to the MCU, and the speed will be guaranteed to be over 1.25 Mbps.
   + Other locations, which will connect to the center where the MCU is located, must be qualified for at least 1.25 Mbps speed, applied for HD quality line.
   + Maximum bandwidth connected to the MCU; when connecting the points, it is calculated by the point x bandwidth of each point (1.25 Mbps).
   + The above stated speed is the specific speed applied for Endpoints and MCUs; not shared with other applications.
  + During operation, the video/ audio signal system needs to open applications on the line, therefore customers should use the lease line or WAN network at each point connected to the video conferencing system.

Polycom: As a leading provider of video conferencing solutions in the world, Polycom offers HighEnd solutions including Polycom Group series; EndPointHDX series; RMX series RMU series for government customers, groups and enterprises. Their diverse product line with hardware and management softwares such asVCM (Video content management),RealPresence Capture series storage software,RealPresence Media Manager remote meeting software installed in laptops and mobiles offers stability and easy connectivity.

LifeSize: A leading brand in the United States, which provides a wide range of connectivity and equipment solutions. Besides hardware devices such asEndPoint, Lifesize Icon 600, Lifesize Passport series,Lifesize Room 220 (embedded MCU featuresupportting up to 8 HD connection points), Lifesize Team 220 (embedded MCU feature supportting up to 4 HD connection points),Lifesize express 200, together with MCU andUVC series from small (a few points) to large (> 100 points) size and other options for customers, Lifesize also offers a compact, end-to-end Endpoint Device Solution calledLifeSize Unity 50.More about this Endpoint software: Lifesize Softphone is an option that meets the needs of both individual customers and large corporations or government agencies at various levels of client’s investment.

Sony: As the pioneer in the transformation of high-definition communication technology, Sony has developed videoconferencing technology to an innovative and creative level, being superior in terms of performance and design style. The competitive Video Conferencing solution offers the ultimate in customer experience. Sony provides embedded MCU hardware designs such as PCS-XG 80, PCS-XA-80 which supports up to 10 points, and large PCS-VCS series MCUs that support up to 100 points, and also medium endpoints such as PCS-XG55, PCS-XA55 or built-in PCS-XL-55 integrated endpoints tailored for individual meeting rooms.

Radvision:Radvision is one of the world's leading video conferencing solution providers, now owned by AVAYA group. The company specializes in providing end-to-end communications solutions, brings a comprehensive solution with perfect combination of video conferencing devices and AVAYA'sunified communications equipment. In addition to the endpoint devices such as Scopia XT series and compact endpoint designs such asScopia XT Excutive 240,Radivion also offers options with varioussupporting points inScopia Elite5000 series (supporting up to 30 full HD points) andScopia Elite 6000 Series MCU (supporting up to 20 full HD points), which are suitable for businesses or individual customers.Radvision provides software solution for meetings conducted on PC and smartphone calledScopia management, and meeting monitoring and management software called Scopia Management,RadvisioneVident Monitoring with high efficiency.


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