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The nurse call solution for hospitals

Most of hospitals are now aiming for a professional nurse call system, which is simply because it is very helpful in tracking and servicing patients, limiting errors and bad cases. In response to that demand, Hai Hung is pleased to offer solutions to install a professional nurse call system for all hospitals and medical facilities.
Known as Hai Hung Company, customers put their trust in us for the products we provide are of high quality and satisfy customers, not only in Hanoi but also in the whole Vietnam. We fully understand our customers’ need and offer the products and services which are sure to satisfy customers and go beyond that, to be favoured and recommended about the products provided by us.

Today, Hai Hung will offer some solutions to install the nurse call system for medical facilities from small to large size. We have all solutions for each specific casewith our team of technicians and engineers who will ensure a comprehensive solution for your hospital by a quick and safe installation.

So, right now Hai Hung Company will share with you how to install a nurse call system, whichequipments are required and how to operate.
Hải Hưng lắp đặt hệ thống chuông báo gọi y tá

To install the nurse call system,we need the following equipments:

1. A central server:

The central server displays and controls the operating status of other devices in the system, allowing nurses to interact with patients easily.

2. Bedside Call Button:

The bedside call unit is installed at each patient’s bed so that the patient can contact with nurses at any time when needed.

3. Corridor lights:  

The corridor lights are installed in front of patient room’s door for the following purposes:
- Announce the state of emergency with a flashing light, using24 Vdc voltage electricity from the center of regional manager.
- Being installed at the entrance of patient room or corridor near the call point.
- Winking or fixed flashing signals are differentiated by the calling device.
- The call is confirmed when the flashing light winks continuously
- When the call is through or cancelled, the lights will not glow anymore.
- Colour design according to the function or to distinguish each device.


4. Presence confirmation button:

The presence button is located at the door for nurses to report the presence in the room and the emergency status for following purposes:
- In case the patient presses the button, pulls the wire at the bedhead or pulls the wire in toilet, all signals will send in emergency status. At this time, the nurse or doctor on duty will rush to that patient room or that position.
- When the doctor or nurse is present and presses the presence button located at the entrance, then the corridor light will glow in green colour (as prescribed), announcing the presence of medical staff.
- The presence button also supports the function to announce special emergency help needed or cancel emergency status.


5. Emergency call button in the toilet:

The emergency call button in the toilet helps patients to report a medical emergency to nurse call center and receive emergency help from the nurses and doctors.
After the patient makes an emergency call, the signal is transmitted to the doctor's call center and at the same time the alarm sends the emergency sound (siren).
In addition, the corridor light at the entrance of patient rooms or light at the emergency area will flash in the usual red color.
For a better understanding of the technical specs and functionality of each device, please refer to this article.
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How to install a nurse call system:

Diagram of a nurse call system installation
Diagram of a nurse call system installation
To install a nurse call system, you better learn thoroughly before installation, because this system is too complicated and requires a highly experienced implementation team to offer various installation options.Moreover, you need to choose a genuine nurse call system supplier so that there won’t be no problems when the installation is finished and the operation is started, helping you save time and cost on repairing.

There are many cases when hospitals want to cut down the costs and hire inexperienced installation team with poor qualityequipments and long construction time which affects the hospital’s business an causes bad mood for nurses. And by the time the installation is finished, then occur many failures or errors which require continuous repairingand reduce work effectiveness, causing discomfort for nurses during the patient follow-up.
That is why we Hai Hung have caught, understood this information and offered the most prestigious service of nurse call system installation in Vietnam, with genuine nurse call products such as Commax, Aiphone, Tyco etc. All of these equipments are tested and operated well by us, only then we supply them for installation. You can have a peace of mind using our services as we work for our customers and build trust within our customers. Therefore we have been trusted and assigned for installation in large hospitals.

The customers who need to install or need more advice on the installation solution for nurse call system in any hospital, please contact Hai Hung for free consultation.

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