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Professional audio system

You need a consultancy on the setup of a basic audio system for your home? Do you have all the necessary audio equipment? You need something missing or you want a completely new set-up?Which main equipment does a complete and modern audio system now require to make it a perfect basic one?


1. Audio signal source:

Specifically to beVCD players, CD players, MDs, computers, HD players ... or peripheral devices that have sound lines out.
Nguồn phát tín hiệu âm thanh

2. The audio signal mixer (Mixer):

Also called a mixer table. This is an audio control table, with lots of knobs and faders (which change the impedance to produce small to large volume in audio-lighting devices) and jacks. Standing in front of the mixer table, we can seethat each fader has corresponding buttons along with it. Those are the buttons used to adjust EQ (Equalizer - adjusting the sound frequency), the Balance button, AUX button, FB button and many other names - depending on the type of table and manufacturer. Besides that, there is also a master fader of sound, group fader of sound.
Bộ trộn tín hiệu âm thanh (Mixer )

3. The sound frequency equalizer (Equalizer):

After the audio signal goes through the mixer table, it will be brought down under to this audio frequency regulator. The main function of this regulator is to cut the excessive frequencies, noise or unfavourable sound. It can cut fine tuning for each frequency band, depending on the type, the manufacturer, the product of each equalizer. There may be more than one equalizer for programming a professional show, as it has a fine-tuning feature, so it can be used to cut the feed back of the mic, or raise the frequency band for equipments in the music band.
Bộ điều chỉnh tần số âm thanh (Equalizer)

4. Sound frequency division to speakers (Crossover):

Thanks to this device, we can easily separate a specific sound to a specific type of speaker. (If your speakers are full speakers and you already have the frequency division in the speaker, then do not use this device, your speaker can easily get burnt). The audio frequency band consists of the High – High Med - Low Med – Low and Subwoofer. Depending on the type of speakers you use, plug in the right jack for the right division.

5. Audio compressor (Compressor):

Has the function of restraining the sound frequency, both protecting the speakers and creating a pleasant feeling for listeners (because the sound comes out almost equal when there are too strong sound frequenciesemit).
Bộ phân tần âm thanh ra loa (Crosserver)

6. Audio frequency enabler:

This is the last stage for the sound to hit our ears, which is to stimulate the sound frequencies to meet the basic conditions and come out from compatible speakers. It is important to remember that the amplifier and the type of loudspeaker used must be compatible with each other in terms of transmitting frequency and receiving frequency. At the same time, the distance between the amplifier and the loudspeaker needs to be the shortest, as it would not be good for the sound to emit when they are too far away

7. Speakers - Power:

Loudspeakers are an integral part of a professional audio system. Depending on the requirements and the investment amount, we can choose the suitable type and brand of speakers. After selecting the speaker system, we will then calculate to choose the power (amlifier) for the loudspeakers.
Customers who need consultancy onsolutions for a professional audio system, please contact the address below so that Hai Hung can advise you to own a "professional audio system" of the most perfect quality, bringing the best safety for you.
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