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Intelligent home system

Hai Hung’sintelligent home system is a solution that allows you to control, monitor, schedule or operate intelligent electronical systems, with many electrical appliances in the house simultaneously in a simple way using a mobile phone or tablet.
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Let’s come up with a solution for your intelligent home system together with Hai Hung:


1. Lighting System:

One touch – ten thousand comforts:Normally, to control the lighting in the house, you have to move and turn on a lot of touch switches, but with Lumi's smart home, lighting scenarios are set up for each specific scene. With just one touch, you can control the lighting system at will. For example, when guests come to the house, you press the "guest" mode and a series of lights will light up. Or when going out, you just press the "out" button and the whole lighting system will turn off.

Control and monitoring on your phone, tablet: You can absolutely tell what lights are on, what lights are glowing, and how many percent the brightness is; they are all displayed on your cellphone or tablet and you can turn on or off those devices completely on your phone when not in use.

Auto illumination: The illumination device will automatically turn on when motion is detected. If the natural light is not bright enough, the lights will automatically turn on when a moving person is detected and will automatically turn off after a set period of time since no moving person is detected.

Timer Illumination: Illumination devices can be automatically turned on or off at a set time. This function is really useful for homeowners in the lighting areas where you want to turn on or off lights frequently at a fixed hour of the day. For example, the garden decor light automatically turns on at 7AM and automatically switches off at 10 PM.


2. Automatic curtain system: 

With the intelligent home solution of Lumi Vietnam, the curtain becomes much more comfortable and flexible.

Control multiple curtains simultaneously: Besides controlling the curtain at place as usual, you can control multiple curtains at the same time with just one touch.

Automatic curtain:At 5:30 AM, the curtain automatically opens to wake you up with natural light, a new day feeling full of energy. 12:00 curtain automatically closes for a comfortable noon break. You can customize the time for closing and opening for one or more curtains at the same time right on your mobile phone.

Control from anywhere: With an internet-connected smartphone, you can control your home's curtain system at any time. The status of each curtain, being closed or opened or how many percent closed, is  displayed on your phone or tablet.


3. Air conditioners:

Energy Saving: Air conditioner is a long-hour working equipment and has the largest power consumption in your house. With Lumi's solution, it’s not only convenient to control but also saves a lot of costs. With just one touch on the phone, you can make sure all the air conditioners in the house are turned off when you go out or turned on when you're almost home.
Temperature Control: You can control the temperature of one or more air conditioners whenever you have your phone or tablet in your hand. You can check the current temperature of kids’ room to make more reasonable adjustments.


4. The heater control:

Warm water is always ready for you: Usually to use hot water, you must turn on the heater 20 minutes in advance and wait for warm water. With Lumi's intelligent solution, whether you're watching a movie on the couch or still at work and preparing to go home, all you need is one touch and the hot water is ready for your relaxation after a hard day's work.
More Convenience and Savings: If you have the habit of bathing in a fixed time frame (in the morning when you wake up or in the afternoon after work), before bathing you can set the timer to turn on and turn off automatically in 15 minutes without worrying whether the device is off or not.

5. Multi-area audio:
Want to relax with music anywhere in the room?
With a built-in 35W*2 wireless audio solution, you can play music directly from your phone, tablet via AirPlay (IOS), and DLNA (Android) connection. The music library is used directly from the device, or on the music application, websites or video channels that you are watching. In addition, to enhance your music playing experience, you can combine all the rooms to play a song at the same time as you like.


6. Security monitoring system:

Security Surveillance: Security monitoring system for your home is considered the top priority for your family's safety. Camera systems are installed in areas that need to be monitored and operate continuously throughout the day and night, recording all daily activities.
Intrusion Prevention: The highest level of security, intrusion prevention is the ever-improving subject of the Lumi engineers every year. We always ask questions: Is there a better way? And this is the solution: All the appliances in the house are very effective guards and can be present immediately; and you can decide how many devices are involved in anti-theft process. For example, you and your family go out and set the anti-intrusion mode for the sensor placed on the rooftop: When the door is open, immediately, the siren rings, the vortex lighting turns on, the lighting system pops up, curtains open ... All devices participate in the "anti-theft" process as soon as the unauthorized intrusion happens. All of these are included in Lumi Vietnam’s intelligent home solution. The most interesting thing about this is that you can "assign tasks" to each device about how to work in each particular situation.

7. Environmental control device:
Health protection: The environment has a great impact on human health, therefor to assure this, Lumi offers a design that allows us to control temperature, humidity and light. The environmental sensor will be placed in a proper place in the house to measure the environmental parameters, send it to the central controller and display on the mobile phone at the same time.

Ideal living environment: Based on the parameters sent, the central controller will send warning to the phone or request to turn on or off the air conditioner, dehumidifier, ventilator andlighting devices to ensure the most suitable living environment.

Above is the solution for your intelligent home provided by Hai Hung. You can chooseall those systems or can install the systems that you want when the budget is limited. Please contact Hai Hung for installation advice and let us bring a comprehensive system to your home.