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Hydroacoustic position system, detecting frogmen

Currently, there are a number of companies in the world specialize in manufacturing and supplying hydroacoustic positionsystems, being used to detect and monitor unauthorized access from underwater such as ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK, SONARDYNE, KONSGBERG, WESTMINSTER ...
Among them, the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK'sCerberus hydroacoustic position, frogmen detecting system is rated for superior function, performance and economic efficiency compared to its counterparts.

Cerberus Mod 2 Diver Detection System (DDS) is the latest product of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK security product line. This system is designed to suit the requirements of a portable device as well as suitable for applications on boats. With its lightweight and compact design, Cerberus is one of the world's leading security systems for its versatility and portability.


Introduction to the Cerberus Mod 2 system:

The Cerberus Mod 2 is a specially designed hydroacoustic position system that detects, classifies and monitors underwater targets such as divers, swimmers and frogmen for the protection of ships and marine assets.

Cerberus Mod 2 uses an active, high frequency and isotropic hydroacoustic position system to generate sound pulses to detect underwater objects. By using advanced processing methods, along with a database of signs of known targets, the system can quickly assess and classify unauthorized access, and then minimizes false positives while maximizing response times.

This is a solid, simple operating system that allows multiple modes to be used in accordance with maritime security requirements.
Hệ thống Cerberus Mod 2 được sử dụng trên bến cảng, cầu tàu, xuồng cao su
The Cerberus Mod 2 system is used on docks, piers, rubber boats.

The system operates by 3 mechanisms:

• Target detection mechanism

• Target classification mechanism

• Target monitoring mechanism


The system consists of three components designed compact and robust:

• The control panel consists of a computer and a power supply
• Cable


• Hydroacoustic positioning probes

Các thành phần của một hệ thống tiêu chuẩn

Components of a standard system

Main specifications of Cerberus Mod 2:

Detect divers using open-circuit scuba 900m
Monitor divers using open-circuit scuba 850m
Detect divers using closed-circuit scuba 700m
Monitor divers using closed-circuit scuba 675m
Monitor targets 2000/ping
Number of monitoring flows displayed 50
Automatic alerts By sound and image
System coverage 3600
Distance resolution 25mm
Azimuthal accuracy > 10
Detection area 2.5km2
Operating environment
Frequency range 70kHz ~ 130kHz (cóthểchọn)
Update speed 0.3Hz
Operating temperature -2 ~ +350C
Storage temperature -20 ~ +650C
Minimum operating depth 5m
Maximum operating depth 50m
Long-term installation Suitable for long-term immersion
Installtion options Underwater/ On board/ Harbor/ Pier
Physical hydroacoustic positioning probe
Weight on land 23kg
Size (Height x Diameter) 400 x 300 (mm)
Physical connection cable
Weight > 25kg
Size (Diameter x Length) 13mm x 75m
Level of protection Kevlar cover
Options Armour cover, increasing cable length
Physical control panel
Size of cover 19 inch, water proof, shock proof
Weight 24kg
Power supply 115 ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.4kW (Peak power)