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Traffic safety system

As we all know, traffic accidents are one of the most pressing problems today. The main cause being the sense of compliance with traffic safety rules of some people is not serious. However, there is no denying the low quality of roads and traffic safety equipment also plays their parts in the current traffic situation.
Hai Hung is the importer and distributor of genuine equipment for traffic safety systems of the world famous brands. In addition, Hai Hung, accompanied by a team of experts with extensive knowledge of transportation engineering, is confident to become the leading supplier of traffic safety equipment and solutions in Vietnam.

Following are the solutions and equipmentof traffic safety system supplied by Hai Hung:
• Reflective materials: belts, clothing, films .....
• Reflective thermoplastic road paints
• Road painters
• Convex mirror
• Reflective traffic signs
• Bridge expansion joint
• Toll booth system
• Traffic camera system
• Mechanical traffic products
• Measurement - traffic monitoring equipment

Hai Hung commits to customers that all of our devices are of high quality, already tested and operating wellwhen being on sales. Customers can be assured of using our services or equipment. If you find counterfeit, imitation, poor quality goods, please contact us immediately for a double compensation.

It is not difficult to choose a well-known product, but it is not that simple to have an effective, affordable product for a good solution with a high level of security and flawless installation. To enhance your traffic safety system, our mission is to advise on the most suitable solution for the most reliable traffic safety system.