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Security monitoring system

Security monitoringsystem have never been so popular and developed as they are now. Companies whichinstall security CCTV have appeared one by one, along with the convenience that CCTV system provides. We can still supervise all activities that take place in our home, office, shop, factory, etc., even when we are far away.
It is not difficult to choose a well-known product, but it is not that simple to have an effective, affordable product for a good solution with a high level of security and flawless installation. To enhance our customers’ security system, our mission is to advise on the most suitable solution for the most reliable security monitoring system. And Hai Hung comprehends the answer for all the above listed questions in order to bring the solutions and specific installation map for each project as following:
  •          CCTV system, both Analogue & IP

  •          Magnetic gate system for supermarkets - commercial centers

  •          Access control system

  •          Intrusion control system

  •          Gate security system

  •          Door bell system with camera

  •          Parking management system

  •          Document management system

  •          Asset management system

  •          Library magnetic gate system

  •          Apartment auto-management system

  •          ..............................................................  
You all can see that there are too many counterfeit and low quality goods in Vietnam market. Therefore, when you have the need to install security monitoring system, be sure to find a reliable agent with authentic products and long warranty.
Hai Hung distributes and installs security monitoring system, and we guarantee our services and products are all of high quality. We always work toward to satisfying our customers and bringing the best trust. Kindly quickly contact Hai Hung to own a perfect security equipment system. All of your concerns will be delivered thoroughly by our Hai Hung Camera customer service team.